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Volunteer Descriptions


Broadcast each upcoming event, the swimmers, and the results. Makes public address statements at request of referee or team representatives. The announcer, along with the referee, is responsible for keeping the meet moving in a steady fashion.

Bull Pen

Ensures all swimmers are properly marked with LAST NAME, EVENT #, HEAT #, POSITION #, and STROKE TYPE; ensures swimmers for next 5 heats are available in the bull pen and available for ready bench when requested. First half volunteer must be available 1 hour before meet

Friday Practice Snacks

Brings treats to the Friday practice to reward swimmers for a hard week's work!

Head Timer

Conducts timer training at least 30 minutes prior to start of meet.  Per the league's policies and procedures: a) Assure the assignment of Lane Timers to lanes and the designation of one timer on each lane to be the Head Lane Timer. b) Assure that all watches, timing devices and timing equipment are in working order and distribute the timing equipment to the timers before the start of the meet. c) On the starting signal, start a watch on every race. The time of this watch shall be used if a lane timer’s watch fails. d) Be responsible for delivering all manual watch times, including those of disqualified swimmers, to the timing judge. e) Recover all timing equipment, check it for functioning capabilities, and return it to the team storage site.

Heat Ribbon

Passes out heat ribbons to 1st - 6th place finishers, ages 12 and under.  Ribbons are color-coded: Blue, Red, White, Yellow, Green, and Purple for places 1st - 6th, respectively, and awarded to the swimmers with the six fastest times in each event, regardless of team. In other words, heat ribbons are based solely on how a swimmer finishes in the pool, and are independent of the points scored by that swimmer.

**Home Meet Coordinator

Leads the team of volunteers that is responsible for home meet setup and teardown, as described below.

Home Meet Setup

Setup equipment prior to meet: Starting blocks, starter, event/heat board, shade structures, backstroke flags, lane dividers. Move all pool furniture outside fence, tape off baby pool, tape off sides of pool for officials to walk, fill and place 2 coolers of water for volunteers, setup table and umbrella for referee, organize DQ and relay take-off slips, clipboards, pens, highlighters, and nametags, turn on AC in clubhouse, and place "welcome sign" at neighborhood entrance.

Home Meet Teardown

Take down all equipment; remove trash from pool area; pickup track on ground; turn off clubhouse AC; take down welcome sign in bulletin board and replace with "Congrats" if necessary; return keys to guard.

**Hy-Tek Coordinator

Runs the software during home meets and assists in away meets.  Responsible for entering both team’s times and the judges’ finish order decisions for every heat. Ensures that the finish order in Hy-Tek correctly the finish order on the Judges’ Form.

Lane Timer

Operates stopwatch during each heat; annotates time for swimmer on heat sheet; provides sheet to runner as requested; first AND second half timers must participate in mandatory timer training led by head timer prior to start of meet.

Parking Attendant

Setup cones for no-parking areas and direct visitor traffic to appropriate parking spots; ensures traffic flow prior to start of meet.

Point Ribbons

This job starts later during the meet. Ensures labels are available and printer is working at least 30 minutes prior to meet start. Obtains event results from Hy-Tek operator; labels event ribbons for both teams during meet; organizes TigerShark ribbons by athlete and distributes to team during practices.

Ready Bench

Ensures swimmers are on the ready bench for the next 2 heats; ensures swimmers are positioned behind appropriate blocks prior to heat start; works with bull pen volunteers and runners to locate swimmers in time for their assigned heats. MUST bring a printed copy of the meet sheet.


The chief official for each swim meet. He/she is responsible for the conduct of the meets and is the final authority on the interpretation and enforcement of all swimming rules. Prior to the start of each race, the referee sounds four short whistles to advise the participants to get ready. After event is announced by the announcer or starter, the Referee sounds one long blast as a signal for swimmers to get into position for the start or to jump feet first into the water for a backstroke event. For Backstroke events, a second long blast is given to bring the swimmers to the wall for the start. When the referee sees that all the swimmers are ready, he extends his arm pointing towards the starter. At this point, the starter takes control.


Collects timer sheets from head lane timers during the course of the meet and provides to team coordinator; collects DQ slips from stroke and turn judges and provides to referee for validation before turning into team coordinator. Assists ready bench and bull pen volunteers in ensuring swimmers are in the right place at the right time if requested.

Snack Shack Coordinator

Responsible for requesting donations from parents and for ordering items paid for by the team; pick up snacks and setup concession stand during warm-up.  Coordinate volunteers to run it; including coverage so volunteers can watch their swimmers' events; tear down concession stand at end of meet; turn all monies and receipts into Treasurer minus expenses for purchased items.

Snack Shack Volunteer

Setup concession stand during warm-up (first shift); operate concession stand; tear down concession stand at end of meet (second shift).

**Sponsor & Shirt Coordinator

Requests sponsorship from previous and new sponsors, design team shirt, coordinate with vendor for t-shirt order, and ensure distribution of orders.  Also, coordinates ordering of championship t-shirts.


Works with the referee. Acts as stroke and turn judge and announces the ready, set, go, and all necessary functions.

*Stroke & Turn Judges

Responsible for ensuring that all swimmers obey all the rules for the stroke that they are swimming once the race has started. These people are always at each end of the pool for starts and finishes. If a Stroke and Turn Judge sees a violation of the rules, he/she raises his/her hand to signify that an infraction has occurred. A Disqualification (DQ) is recorded on a DQ slip, which the referee reviews. The referee then approves and forwards copies to the runner and Team Reps

**Team Representative

Attends monthly league meetings, September - April, most practices, and all team meets. Sets up registration date, hires coaches and lifeguards, reserves clubhouse for home meets, arranges for clubhouse attendee during home meets, selects swimsuit, coordinates website updates with Webmaster. Oversees efforts of all volunteers and swimmers participating in meet. Prior to meet, schedules lifeguard for warm-ups, provides fee for meet referee and lifeguards; and brings supplies and heat sheets for volunteers. Upon conclusion of meet, ensures Hy-Tek volunteer provides results to league and to webmaster for posting to Swimtopia, and mails copy of referee signed score sheet to League.


Primary owner of team checking account.  Write checks for league fees, coaches, lifeguards, meets; deposits registration fees and other reimbursements; files receipts, maintains expenses; ensures compliance with tax requirements.

*OFFICIALS (Additional training is necessary to perform these jobs. Please use the "Contact Us" link to communicate your interest.)

**COORDINATORS (Season-long commitment. Please use the "Contact Us" link to communicate your interest.)

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